Evaluate for Wisconsin FPS!


Mark your calendars!

We need your expertise once again! 

Until further notice, will be evaluating virtually via Zoom.


Practice Problem #1

November 5

Topic: E-Waste

​Steps 1-3

Practice Problem #2

January  7

Topic: Digital Realities

All steps

Qualifying Problem

 February 24 

Topic: Roboti Workforce

All steps

State Bowl

Friday, April 21

Topic: Throw Away Society

All steps

Click here to see the Future Scene and middle division student booklet for the topic of "Identity Theft." 

WHO? Any interested adults, FPS coaches, FPS alumni, teachers, parents, college students, students in grades 10-12 with 2 years of GIPS experience.

WHEN? Three Saturdays in November, January, and February and a Friday in April at the state competition.

WHY? The primary purpose of evaluation is to provide students and coaches with feedback to develop and improve their problem solving skills. Evaluation is authentic assessment of student thinking using specific criteria for each step of the problem solving process. We work hard to make evaluation fair, consistent, and reliable. Evaluators gain a strong grasp of problem solving skills and a respect for what students can accomplish through FPS. And WE PAY!

HOW? We train evaluators on site in November and January. You will:

   1) Review some material ahead of time

   2) Receive instruction from a master evaluator

   3) Work with a mentor to evaluate a booklet together

   4) Evaluate a booklet independently and compare your work with your

       mentor's evaluation of the same booklet

   5) Evaluate 1-3 booklets independently with your mentor available for


Click here to see a

blank scoresheet.

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an FPS evaluator.