Our Affiliate Directors


Lynn has been Wisconsin's  Primary Affiliate Director since 2012. She has been involved in the program since its inception as coach (GIPS, CmPS and Scenario Writing), state and international evaluator, Future Scene writer, and workshop facilitator.   Lynn is currently retired after 25 years of teaching various subjects to elementary and middle school students.  "FPS has virtually changed my life.  It has introduced me to many empowering creative and critical thinking techniques that I continue to use personally." 


Martha is retired from her position as Gifted & Talented Coordinator for the Waunakee School District.  She served as Wisconsin's Primary Affiliate Director for 16 years and has been  the Secondary Affiliate Director since 2012. She coached FPS teams for 23 years, developed and facilitated FPS training workshops, served on various FPS interntional committees, and is serving as Past President of FPSPI's Board of Trustees after being its President for two years. "When confronted with a problematic situation, I find myself thinking through the situation from different perspectives and considering multiple courses of action, not just one."


Bill is the founder of Wisconsin FPS and has been the Evaluation Director since its inception in 1981. He has served on several national and international committes over the years. Bill has coached teams and scenario writers, and was invited to New Zealand and Australia to train coaches and evaluators there. Bill is currently retired after 39 years of teaching English and Speech at Evansville High School. "I am proud of the impact that FPS has has throughout the state. Personally, I try to use the problem solving process in my own life."

Our Board


Barbara has been involved in Wisconsin FPS for 20+ years.  She served as GIPS coach of Junior teams from 1985-2003, with many winning state and international teams and individuals.  She is currently a state and international evaluator and workshop facilitator. "It is so empowering to see children really learn how to think, listen and be critical thinkers.  This is a program that is critical to everyone's future, and I am glad to be involved in such an important learning experience!"


David started his FPS career as a GIPS team member in 1994.  He became a state evaluator in 1997 and continues today.  He is currently an Elections Specialist with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.  "FPS taught me to look at problems critically and creatively.  I also learned a lot about working with and team and how to communicate effectively."


Newly retired, Kris  taught FPS to 6th, 7th and 8th graders for over 20 years. She continues to coach GIPS teams and Scenario Writers at Hamilton Middle School in Madison, and has had many winning state and international teams and individuals. "FPS has introduced me to a problem solving strategy and many different topics.  It has stretched me as a teacher because it is a unique program that is always changing with new topics."


Hannah began her career in FPS as a student in 6th grade.  She has been on GIPS teams that have earned state and international awards. She is an evaluator at the state and international level.  Hannah  recently received her PhD in microbiology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and is currently working at the CDC.  "FPS not only nurtured my critical thinking and writing skills, but also connected me with a great group of peers during my middle and high school years."


Dan's FPS experience began in 5th grade when he participated as a student on an FPS team.  He continued in the Future Probem Solving Program through 12th grade, and has been one of our state evaluators for seven years.  He currently works at Epic as an integration engineer.  "FPS has helped develop my critical thinking skills and ability to process information in a short period of time.  As an evaluator, it has improved my ability to give feedback to students."




Arvina became involved with Future Problem Solving in 6th grade, when her entire class qualified for State Bowl. She continued by participating in CmPS. She has based her entire career on public service and politics, by working for the former State Elections Board, UW-Madison Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. She later continued to apply the skills she learned in FPS when she was the first Native American elected to City of Madison's Common Council in 2017.


Kitty has a 30-year career in government and non-profits, managing human service programs for agencies and organizations that offer health care, advocacy, and assistance to low-income households in Wisconsin.  She currently administers Wisconsin's Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).  She became an evaluator for Wisconsin FPS in 2013 and board member in 2017.  "In my professional life, I continually encounter real-life policy problems that require group analysis and consensus solutions.  FPS offers a method of achieving both, and I'm excited to be part of an organization that can teach people to think more clearly and work together to achieve better outcomes.


Dave is a retired professor of child development from UW-Madison and UW-Extension.  Over one-third of Wisconsin parents have read his newsletters, starting with the Parenting the First Year series.  His work also led to 92 after-school programs opening across the state.  He has authored 4 books and hundreds of research studies on child developent.  The people directing FPS impressed him, as did the research on which it was founded.  "I view FPS as an exceptional program for developing creativity, thinking, and social skills in young people."