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Help us weather the COVID crisis


Like many organizations, we took a financial hit when we changed our great State Bowl at Green Lake to a virtual experience we called the Phoenix Challenge. We were pleased that so many students participated in the Virtual Bowl! We know that many of you may also be experiencing challenges from COVID. However, IF YOU ARE ABLE, please donate today to help us stay afloat.

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Wisconsin FPS Alumni Project


If you are one of our alumni or you have updates to share, we'd love to hear from you!  Click on the Connect with Wis FPS button below to access an online form to share where you are now, what you are doing, your FPS memories, and the impact FPS has had on you.  Click on the Featured FPS Alumni Button to learn about many of our alumni! Spread the word!


Become an Evaluator


Former FPSers are our best evaluators!  This year much of our evaluation will be virtual, so you can evaluate from anywhere! Evaluation days are held four times per year -- in November, January, February, and at State Bowl (dates are posted on the Calendar page).  The best part is that Wisconsin evaluators are paid for their work!  Contact us if you are interested and available to evaluate in Wisconsin at  If you're not in Wisconsin, go to to find out how to contact the Affiliate Director in your state.

Wisconsin FPS Legacy Project


The Wisconsin Legacy Project was establishd by four FPS students in 2008. Their goal was to solicit funds to support FPS teams invarious ways. The goals of the Legacy Project are to:

  • Provide grant for Community Problem Solving projects.  

  • Provide support to students to attend the International Conference. 

  • Build the Legacy Fund.  Our 50/50 plan applies 50% of each year's donations to supporting our goals and 50% to build the Legacy Fund as an endowment for the future.


Click on the button to support the Legacy Fund of Wisconsin FPS. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

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