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FPS Program Basics


Click on the picture to get a copy of FPS Program Basics.



Over and over again, we hear coaches who evaluate say, "Wow!  This really helped put all the pieces together for me!"  We evaluate on 3 Saturdays during the school year, and those who can also help at State Bowl.  Besides teaching you more about the process, we pay you for your time! 




Program Components

Problem Solving Process

Global Issues Problem Solving

  Overview of the Year

  Essential Publications

  Evaluation Criteria

Community Problem Solving

  Essential Publications

  Evaluation Criteria

Scenario Writing

  Essential Publications

  Evaluation Criteria

Scenario Performance

  Evaluation Criteria

Non-Competitive Participation

Implementation Ideas

Sample Future Scene

Booklet Excerpts

Who Attends State Bowl

State Bowl Details

Evaluating for the Program

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