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Non-Competitive Future Problem Solving

LEAP -- LEarning About Problem-Solving, K-9

  • LEAP is designed for integration into the classroom curriculum.  There are three divisions:  primary (K-3), junior (3-6), and middle (6-9). 

  • From several available topics, teachers select one topic for problem solving each semester.  This allows teachers to best match curriculum or community issues.  (Sample topics:  trash, hunger, learning to read, tornadoes, school safety, water pollution) 

  • Students work on a simplified version of the problem solving process in classes or in teams within a class.

  • Each registration entitles one booklet to be sent for evaluation each semester, but materials may be used with as many students as you wish.

  • It is highly recommended that teachers purchase an Action-Based manual from the International Office, which provides instructional materials for initial learning of the problem solving process.



Rookie Teams, 4-12

  • Teams participate in three divisions: junior (4-6), middle (7-9), senior (10-12). 

  • Teams use the same three practice problems and Future Scenes as competitive teams, with a guided booklet and the same postmark dates for submission except for Problem 3.

  • Teams write a shorter booklet that includes all six steps (three on the first problem), but only 10 challenges and 10 solutions. Booklets are evaluated non-competitively.

  • Teams may upgrade to competitive status for the third practice problem, called the Qualifying Problem. They will then write a full competitive booklet with 16 challenges and 16 solutions.  Teams must follow competitive QP Conditions (two hours of consecutive time, no adult assistance, etc.) to be considered for a State Bowl invitation.




BRIDGE to Global Issues Problem Solving

This option is for coaches who:

  • have completed a training workshop;

  • are in their first year of working with students;

  • would like to work at their own pace

This option is for one year only.

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