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Problem Solving Process Pointers for Students - $5

A workbook for students with four pages for each step of the problem solving process.  Anatomy (parts needed for writing), Hints for Writing, Build your Own, and Practice Writing.  It is recommended that a copy is purchased for each student.  Developed by Wisconsin FPS.  Hard copy format.

Scenario Writing -- Int'l Winners from Wisconsin FPS - $20

Includes all scenarios from Wisconsin FPS that have placed at the international level.  Electronic format.

Wis FPS Component T-Shirt - $15

A t-shirt representing the competitive components for Wisconsin FPS - Scenario Writing & Performance, Global Issues Problem Solving, and Community Problem Solving

Creative & Critical Thinking Tools for Community Problem Solving - $40

Describes the problem solving process as applied to CmPS.  Includes 22 creative (generating) and critical (focusing) thinking tools to use with the steps of the process.  Each tool includes directions, a sample, and a template for using with students.  Electronic format.

Scenario Winners Wisconsin FPS - $7

Wisconsin FPS winners for the past school year.  Includes three winners in each division - Junior, Middle and Senior.  Hard copy format.

Wisconsin FPS Pin - $4

A one-inch cloisonne pin representing Wisconsin FPS.  Great for end of year celebrations!

Available from

Future Problem Solving

Program International!

Essential Publications for

Global Issues Problem Solving

  • Readings, Research, and Resources

  • Topic Activity Units

  • Coach's Handbook

  • Champs by Division

  • Various Combos

Essential Publications for

Scenario Writing

  • International Scenario Writing Champions

  • Intl Scenario Writ/Perf Champs by Division

  • FPSPI Scenario Handbook

Essential Publications for

Community Problem Solving

  • CmPS:  A "Real World" Experience

  • CmPS International Champions by Division

Essential Publications for

Curricular Integration

  • Action-Based Teacher Manuals

  • The Problem Solving Experience Curriculum

  • Problem Solving Across the Curriculum

  • STEAM Unit: Megacities


Available from

Wisconsin  Future Problem Solving

You must be a Wisconsin resident to order these items.

Coaching Trilogy for Global Issues Problem Solving (GIPS) -- $40 each

Each adult using the materials must have a purchased copy.  Materials for systematically introducing students to competitive GIPS at three levels -- Elementary 4-5 (Stepping Stones), Middle 6-8 (Puzzle Pieces), High School 9-12 (Building Blocks).  Each includes ten 20-minute lessons that introduce the problem solving process, with supplementary examples for each step.  A facilitator's guide provides directions for use of the lessons and an extensive coaching guide with suggestions for preparation and writing sessions for the Global Issues Problem Solving year.  Electronic format.

TRILOGY COMBO -- Purchase any three for $100

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